Ribera Bridle


177,90 €

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Dressage bridle in "superior" buffalo leather with round leather bit, noseband, throat latch and front reins!

Anatomically shaped headpiece with a cut that releases the ears to limit pressure.
Leather browband, V-shaped and decorated with rhinestones.
Pull-Back noseband, fully padded and lined with leather, with white leather trim, for optimum comfort for the horse.

The snaffle bit and bridle uprights have hook fastenings for greater sobriety and elegance.

The noseband is inlaid in the headpiece to reduce pressure on the neck and is a favourite of the top German dressage stables.

It comes with a pair of smooth leather reins (bridle reins) 13 mm and a pair of smooth leather reins (snaffle reins) 16 mm.
It can be fitted with a bridle bit such as the Lhotte Creux Inox bit or the Saumur bit, and a snaffle bit.

Stainless steel buckle.